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When to expect 50 $/kWh Li-ion battery prices?

Erstellt: 29. September 2021

Battery event 29th to 30th September, 2021 - Lyon

When I constructed the first Price Experience Curve for Li-ion batteries 10 years ago in 2014 for a publication in the Proceedings of the PVSEC in Amsterdam, I concluded a price of 100 $/kWh as very realistic to happen in the 2020s. Most technology people including many experts from the battery community did not believe this to happen so quickly - if at all. With the quick global increase of e-mobility- even in Germany - the cumulative volume of such batteries increased accordingly. Hence it was a good time in 2021 to have a closer look to this development and to ask the question "When to expect 50 $/kWh Li-ion battery prices?" With reasonable arguments for a further growth of the Li-ion battery production I estimated for this price level a cumulative volume of 20-30 TWh to happen in the late 2030s. An outlook to the global electricity storage not only for e- mobility, but also for stationary battery storage to account for the intermittent electricity production from solar PV and wind this presentation gave a comprehensive overview of current and future storage volumes needed to arrive at a zero-Carbon energy world.

Download: 210929_Lyon_avicenne_50€ per kWh LIB price.pdf

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