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The Economic Competitiveness of Renewable Energy - Pathways to 100% Global Coverage

Erstellt: 01. Juni 2014

Winfried Hoffmann, Wiley/Scrivener Publishing, ISBN 978-1-118-23790-8

It is the pretension of this book to give a comprehensive picture of today's energy world, to describe the potential for energy savings which can be achieved and to get an understanding of technology development which will lead to a 100% renewably powered world as the most likely situation. This is based on the long-term economic and ecological superiority of renewables over traditional energy sources. It is the combination of these topics which makes the book unique.

The INTRODUCTION (Chapter 1) starts with a description of a general phenomenon, namely the fundamental changes taking place in the world we are living in today.
The ANALYSIS OF TODAY'S ENERGY SITUATION (Chapter 2) first describes basic energy terms for those who are not experts in this field.

The IMPORTANCE OF EFFICIENCY MEASURES (Chapter 3) has nothing to do with renewable technologies but the measures described will help a lot to achieve a 100% renewable contribution sooner rather than later.

An OVERVIEW OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES (Chapter 4) starts with an outline of the huge potential of renewable energy resources and describes in some detail the most important renewable technologies.

The PV MARKET DEVELOPMENT (Chapter 5) not only describes the increase of PV installations over time but also addresses the boundary conditiones for new products to enter the market.

The PV VALUE CHAIN AND TECHNOLOGY (Chapter 6) summarizes the various PV technologies c-Si wafer and Thin-Film in greater detail, but also describes concentrated PV, Dye solar cells and organic devices.

THE ASTONISHING PREDICTIVE POWER OF PRICE EXPERIENCE CURVES (Chapter 7) shows impressively what even research and industry people from the same technology sector could often not believe.

The FUTURE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT (Chapter 8) is discussed for all renewable technologies. The potential price development is based on the respective Price Experience Curve.

For FUTURE ENERGY PROJECTIONS - THE 150 PW-HOUR CHALLENGE (Chapter 9), some well-known projections from the IEA and Greenpeace are shown for reference. The market development for the various renewables and their potential market share are described in some detail.

The LIKELIHOOD AND TIMELINE FOR A WORLD POWERED BY 100% RENEWABLES (Chapter 10) deals with the potential development. In CONCLUSION: THE 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY PUZZLE (Chapter 11) summarizes the findings and discussions from this book in form of a 3 by 3 element puzzle.

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