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Smart houses and regions

Erstellt: 31. July 2018

Smart houses and regions as building blocks for 100% renewable energy globally

This paper gives evidence that in contrast to the old big and centralized approach with large power stations there is now a solution possible which starts bottom-up. Individual houses are no longer only consuming electricity but will also produce electricity with PV systems on their roof – they become pro-sumers. The same happens with multi-family houses, offices and SME’s. Small battery systems increase significantly the self-consumption. Adjacent prosumers will be able to exchange power. Next level is the area of municipalities also integrating nearby wind farms and green-field PV plants to leverage the seasonal electricity production. Larger battery systems and power-to-gas facilities enable progressively the balanced supply and usage. Communication and exchange of electricity and gas between various municipalities will enable the 100% supply by renewable sources of the needed electricity, mobility (once electrified) and heat for the individual countries. Energy intensive industries will be located near to GW-scale off-shore wind and/or PV-farms.

Download: 180731_WREC_Kingston_Smart houses and regions.pdf

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