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Sustainability bonds to allow investment in Africa into renewable energy in order to prevent energy injustice and reach the Paris climate goal

Erstellt: 20. December 2023

My contribution for the EUTECH online conference

  • Africa - the continent with most people in the coming decades
  • Energy justice - to prevent migration with unprecedented numbers
  • An ideal case would be the investment into electrification with renewables (PV, wind and storage) - and NOT in fossil technologies > loans needed!
  • Necessaty for a joint undertaking between Europe and Africa:
    „PPP" (Public money to secure the loans), Private money from various stakeholders for the loans, Partnership agreement between African states together with their utilities and European states together with their financing institutions (e.g. KfW, EIB, …)
  • Sustainability bonds as vehicle to execute the PPP

Download: 231220_EUTECH_ESG_Afrika_online_Präsentation.pdf

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